A Brief History of Sweet Home Dollars for Scholars...

In 1989, the then superintendent of Sweet Home Schools, Dr. James N. Finch, presented information to a group of people about a national organization called the Citizen's Scholarship Foundation of America (CSFA). After studying the information, the committee agreed to start a Sweet Home Chapter of Dollars for Scholars. the major reason the committee decided to affiliate with CSFA was the fact that several colleges and universities provided matching grants to students if a scholarship was from Dollars for Scholars - an opportunity that still exists today, 30 years later.

In its first year of existence, the Sweet Home Chapter of Dollars for Scholars awarded one scholarship in the amount of $500. Since then, the amount of scholarship money given directly from Sweet Home Dollars for Scholars has grown to $22,000 which was awarded to the Class of 2018. In addition, the total of monetary awards coming under the Dollars for Scholars umbrella has risen from $500 in 1989 to the over $100,000 that was given to the class of 2022.


Our Mission...

The mission of the Sweet Home Chapter of Dollars for Scholars is to offer scholarship opportunities to Sweet Home Senior High School graduating seniors who demonstrate the desire and academic ability to succeed in pursuing a post-secondary education.


Our Board Members...

Missy Liska, President

Donald Feldmann, Chairperson & Treasurer

Craig Allwes

Derek Baker, High School Principal

JoAnn Balazs

Ariel Carlino

Laurie Coccionitti

Ty Critelli, High School Counselor

Lyn Custodi

Michael Ferranti

David Seyse

Stephanie Seyse

Darcy Spengler


Contact Us:

President Missy Liska: dollarsforscholars@sweethomeschools.org

Chairperson Donald Feldmann: dfeldmann@sweethomeschools.org

Mailing Address:

Sweet Home Dollars for Scholars

1901 Sweet Home Road 

Amherst, NY 14228